DOT Charity Birthday Club

“Every candle you light will brighten someone’s life. Celebrate your birthday by giving to the needy”

Please join the DOT Birthday Club today and celebrate your birthday by caring for the needy.

Make your birthday celebration even more special and have a party with a purpose. To care for sick children on your birthday could be good opportunity to put a smile on the faces. You will also feel happier since you are making a sick child benefit from your birthday.

As you are aware every day children are diagnosed with serious and life-threatening illnesses, or have terrible accidents that leave them fighting for life. Life for their whole family is suddenly thrown into complete turmoil. No words can describe living with illness or injury. It can cause enormous strain in the lives of children and their families. In such situation the families feel powerless, confused, and hopeless. You can make a difference by choosing one of the following methods to help a child on your birthday:


  • Donate to the DOT Charitable Foundation to celebrate your birthday
  • Have a birthday party and ask your friends and relatives to donate to the DOT Charitable Foundation instead of gifts
  • Sponsor sick child  ($ 30.00 per month $ 360.00 per year)
  • Give a shelter to a family through the DOT Hope Home for Children

Not only on the birthday but to  celebrate any important occasion such as an anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year, remembering your loved one  etc. You can open your heart:


  • Anyone can join the DOT birthday club
  • Each donation or group donation will be issued with a receipt
  • Every donation we will receive for your birthday will be published on the DOT web site (with your consent and our privacy policy)
  • We will make a page for birthday club photos in our website
  • DOT Birthday Club will be issue a certificate of appreciation.

For more details, contact:
Champa on 0403243411 or