After 20 years living away from Sri Lanka I realised that many basic things we have taken for granted in our life are now not affordable to many Sri Lankan families. Free universal health care we enjoyed years back is increasingly become a luxury due to many factors, being cost is one of them. Newspapers are filled with appeals from parents who always want the best care for their children. While we can argue forever about why and who is responsible, in my mind there is only one question.

“Can I do something about this?”

The DOT Charitable Foundation was born in 2009 with the help of few like-minded friends, to help sick children from non-affluent backgrounds in Sri Lanka whose families could not afford the medical care they needed.

As a mother, the one thing I want for our children is that they are happy and healthy. Unfortunately for thousands of families there is a moment in time which changes this forever. It can be the diagnosis of a chronic or life threatening illness or an accident and from this moment things will never be the same again.

We must do whatever is necessary to help them.  We must care for our children, especially those less fortunate and do whatever it takes to make them safe and healthy.

Since its founding in 2009, The DOT charity has grown and become one of the leading community based charity for the sick children in Sri Lanka.  This is an accomplishment that we are extremely proud of, and none of this would have been possible without the tremendous support, dedication and commitment of our proud members, supports, friends and sponsors. Without them we would not be able to continue our fundraising efforts which help sick kids in Sri Lanka. All our members volunteer their time for this cause with only the satisfaction in return.

For last 4 years we have delivered over LKR 4,304,322.00 worth of medical equipment to government hospitals and donated LKR 1,958,488.00 to individual sick children on their medical expenses and other needs.

I would like to personally invite you to join our cause and lend these children your support. Consider making a donation, volunteer your time or simply share our message with others. Your contribution will make a difference. Together, we can bring comfort and happiness to them.

I thank you for your support

Yours sincerely

Champa Udawela
The DOT Charitable Foundation
NSW, Australia

Champa Udawela


Since 2009, we have been helping to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged sick children and their families, and providing medical equipment to Government hospitals across Sri Lanka.

Fundamental to the success of our work is our passionate and hardworking members. Their collective dedication has achieved inspiring results. All our members volunteer their time with only the satisfaction in return.They all play an essential role in ensuring we care for the most needy children and their families.


  • Champa Udawela – President
  • Thusari Liyanaarachchi – Vice President
  • Thanuja Jayasinghe – Secretary
  • Sajith Senanayaka – Asst. Secretary
  • Priyanga Gunathilaka – Treasurer


  • Roger Perera
  • Sisira Muramudali
  • Thusari Kallapatha


  • Rozanne Perera
  • Osadi Gunasekera
  • Hiyantha Kariyawasam
  • Nayomi Wijesekera
  • Ranjan De Silva
  • Asanka De Silva
  • Terry Fernando
  • Jayantha Perera
  • Anuruddha Udawela
  • Sriyani Konara
  • Udaya Arandar
  • Upul Angammana
  • Manajala Angammana
  • Wasantha Senanayaka
  • Sandy Perera
  • Sanka Gunaratna
  • Nayana Muramudali
  • Ramani Udawaththa


The DOT Charitable Foundation fully audited financial statements for: