Sponsoring Children

Every day, children are  diagnosed with serious  and life threatening illnesses or have terrible accidents those leave  them  fighting  for  life.  They  often  have to  be  transferred  to  specialised hospitals  far  from home to receive critical medical treatments. Life for their whole family is suddenly thrown into complete turmoil.

Pain suffered by children faced with this situation and their families cannot be quantified. No words can describe  living  with  illness  or  injury.  It  can  cause  enormous  strain  in  the  lives  of  children  and  their families. In such situation the families feel powerless, confused, and hopeless.

We, The DOT Charitable Foundation, with you can make a difference.


How your sponsorship changes a child’s world?

You can make a difference to the lives of Sri Lankan sick children and their families by sponsoring them. Ongoing support through child sponsorship allows us to implement long term, sustainable programs to help children, their families and the entire community. Also will help to provide unprivileged sick children in need with life essentials such as medical need, food, transportation, etc.

How much it will cost?

Sponsor most in need children for only $30 (RS 3,000.00) per month. That’s little more than $1.00 a day to build a real future for a child.

Also you could part-sponsor this amount to help our sick children, or choose an amount to donate or by making a one off payment.


How we find the children for sponsorship?

We take great care in sectioning the families and children that DOT will accept in our sponsorship program, to ensure that our resources are effectively reaching the poor. Children from low income families with disabled parents are also target users. E.g.: Children who are born into a very poor & illiterate, landless family. Most of these parents are working as day laborers, or parents both are not proper income.

These patient’s appeals have been never published in any media, including social media. They have requested assistance directly from The DOT Charitable Foundation through the doctors who we have in contact with for our projects. All of our requests come via healthcare professionals/doctors who recommend when a child needs help and what they would therapeutically benefit from. With their background and face to face interactions with the patients they help us to select the most deserved.

Are you ready to help give a child a better future?

We will listed the children who available for sponsorship. You can choose one of them from the below.

Once you have become a sponsor what’s next? 

When you become a sponsor, we will send you the child’s detail pack that will provide you with the all the information. These details will be given to you with the written consent of their parent/legal guardian.

We will issue a receipt for your donation every 3 months.

How to stay in touch?

Every 3 months we will notify the child progress, updating the condition and forward the parents letters to you.

How long does the child sponsorship program last?

Sponsorship is based on voluntary ongoing contributions. You will decide how long you are able to help.


If the child is no longer required the assistance you can sponsor another child. Children may also leave the sponsorship program earlier for other reasons.

E.g. If the family’s situation improves so significantly they no longer require support.

If there is a change to your sponsored child or their family circumstances, we will notify you as soon as possible and hope that you will continue with the program by assisting another needy child. We also understand financial circumstances change for sponsors as well, so we ask sponsors to contact us immediately if they cannot continue with their monthly sponsorship.



We respect the privacy of the sick children and their families. Personal details, photos and medical information is treated confidentially and will not passed on to third parties. The information consented by the parents/legal guardians will be tendered to sponsors.



  1. Cheque in favor of “The DOT Charitable Foundation”
  2. Direct debit:  To pay by monthly direct debit from your bank, please contact your bank to arrange it.
  3. Cash



We are happy to assist you with any questions you have regarding your sponsorship.

Phone: +61 4 03243411
Email: dot.charity@hotmail.com


Thank you for your generous support!