The 4th annual raffle draw fundraising event of The DOT Charitable Foundation was held on Saturday the 26th March 2016 at Don Moor Community centre with the patronage of donors, supporters and well-wishers in Sydney.


The event commenced with the lighting of the traditional oil lamp by children.

Special thanks go to our talented young artists “The Pulse” band members, Thisal and the team. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment. It was a wonderful show in support of sick children in Sri Lanka and gave us a memorable evening.

Thanks to our talented artists for the wonderful evening. There were many volunteers to prepare food, arrange the venue, transport, photography, MC, Tickets sales and many other behind the stage support. The DOT Charitable Foundation wishes to convey their sincerest gratitude to all those who attended and enjoyed the evening with us.

Hope you had enjoyed the evening. Many thanks to everyone for your kind hearted support.
Our thanks also go to our sponsors and media partners, Vintage Tea, MASS, Vidura Media, Lanka Cube, OZ Lanka and E Lanka.


The Foundation with the help of generous well-wishers will continue to provide financial and moral support to sick children and young adults from none affluent backgrounds in Sri Lanka.


Funds raised will be used to donate a monitor to Padavia hospital, provide free early childhood education to children in Lunugamvehera “Sigithi pera pasala” and individually help sick children on their medical expenses.

We are looking forward to another exciting fundraising event in September 2016.

The highlight of the evening was the raffle draw and we wish to congratulate the following winners:

1ts prize               (No 0164) R De Silva
2nd prize             (No 0312) C Rupasinghe
3rd prize              (No 0511) C Candappa
4th prize              (No 1194) W Welangoda
5th prize              (No 0919) M Fernando
6th prize              (No 0759) N Samaraweera
7th prize              (No 0192) Keshani
8th prize              (No 0627) R. Gunasekera
9th prize              (No 0268) D. Delgoda
10th prize            (No 1246) U Galhena

Consolation prize winners are:

(No 1251) A Dassanayaka
(No 1191) M Welangoda
(No 0893) T Fernando
(No 1074)  Oshadi
(No 0758) N.Samaraweera
(No 0631) C Weerabahu
(No 1017) T Fernando
(No 0087)  L De Silva
(No 0457) A Karanarathna
(No 0450)  S Kanathigoda