The DOT Charitable Foundation Inc. has contributed AUD 2,150.00 ( LKR 253,424.00) to complete Nandasena’s house.

Nandasena is a father of three children and a casual labourer who lives in Karaliyedda, Gonaganthenna.

The dream of building a home was there from the day that they got married but their financial situation does not permit them. Nandasena managed to start building a small basic house from a cash donation from one of the doctors living overseas, but now struggling to complete it. His house is in very poor condition, and it is not at all suitable for the children to live in. Nandasena’s daughter has sent a letter to the DOT foundation requesting help to complete the house. She is asking for help since her father is not as physically fit as he was. Nandasena is also spending a good portion of his hard earning money on his wife’s medications who was blind. His second daughter has abandoned her education to look after her mother.

They need help to fix the doors and windows including frames, concrete, or any other suitable alternative for the floor and the electricity supply.

The DOT contribution will help to make their dream a reality.


Request letter


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