Kandagamaskada  Lunugamwehera, Thissamaharama

Tissamaharama is situated in rural south Sri Lanka 264 km from commercial capital of Colombo. Lunugamwehera is a government agricultural development project started 40 years ago in the surrounding areas of Lunigamvehera reservoir. In 2012 total population was 33,664 with 8,858 families. There were 2,997 children of under 4 years of age. In 2002, 33.5 of the population lived under poverty line.

“Singithi Pera Pasala” in Kudagama 2, Dakunuiwura, Lunugamwehera, Thisaramaharama, operate by Mrs D P M A Nilanthi who is a diploma holder of preschool education, is the principal teacher. She runs the school with an assistant teacher. There are about 35 children studding in the centre and all are from low income families. Each child is charged RS 500.00 per month. Due to under privilege status of the area most of the parents are unable to pay the fees. As a result some of the children are not attending the school continuously.

The DOT Charitable foundation intends to pay the school fees for all the children in the centre with the generous help of sponsors.