Donated LKR 55,000.00 towards the medical expenses of sick monks.
LKR 57,070.00 worth fridge and 3 boxes of food items, stationery, linen and toiletries etc
LKR 55,230.00 for construction of temple roof.


Sri Bodhirukkarama  Temple is situated  in  a  village  called  Wallawe  which  is 4 1/2  km from Polgahawela  junction  on Kurunegala   road.

Chief Monk of the temple Ven. Amilasiri has been engaged in looking after sick old monks for ten years. Ven. Amilasiri  gets  very  little  help  from  the  village  due  to poverty, and  he depends on  the  occasional  donations  he  gets.

Upasthana for the sick monks is one of the noblest of activities which Buddha has valued so much as mentioned in the well known stanza in the Dhammapada.

In addition there are 23 Samanera monks.  All of whom are children who have been abandoned by their parents for various reasons. When  they  reach  the  correct  age they  are  sent  to pirivenas  for  their  education.

Ven Amilasiri is doing a yeoman service in this regard by getting the youth who had gone astray on to the path of righteousness and spiritual upliftment.

(This article is an edited extract from a well-wisher’s mail)

The Dot Charitable Foundation donated a fridge and 3 boxes with food items, stationery, linen and toiletries etc to the Sri Bodhikarama Temple in Polgahawela, Kurunegala.

Donated LKR 55,000.00 repair the temple roof.