We are pleased to inform that The DOT Charitable Foundation has donated  LKR 200,000.00 worth of EDAN M 50 Multi-monitor to Paediatric Ward 24 at Teaching Hospital Anuradhapura.

Ward 24 now has an additional monitor which is been used to monitor vital functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen content in the blood and the ECG when a child is admitted to hospital. This monitor will help to decide further actions such as giving additional oxygen, to admit the patient to the intensive care unit etc.

The EDAN M 50 Multi-monitor was purchased from the medical agent, MEDEX Holdings Limited in Colombo.

The ward’s consultant Paediatrician Dr Aruna Peiris conveys his gratitude for your kindness shown towards the sick poor children of Anuradhapura area.

And also would like to thank Danesh Maduranga for handing over the machine.

The Anuradhapura hospital children’s ward welfare fund has successfully collected LKR 40,000.00 and the Dot Charity has collected LKR 160,000.00.

Thank you for your generous support.