Donated stationery to 136 primary school children in Puttalam

Donated stationery to 136 primary school children in Puttalam


2019 – Jayawardena Primary School Kottukachchiya, Puttalam. Stationery kit donation to 136 primary school children.

The DOT Charitable Foundation has donated AUD 1,266.00 worth of school bags with stationery to Jayawardena primary school Kottukachchiya, Puttalam on 26th of November.

The children and the parents were very happy to receive them. The principal of the school mentioned that most of the parents in the area are unable to afford the school stationery required for the new year. We have provided all the stationery as requested by the school for the entire school from Grades 1 to 5.

Donated an Electric Scooter to Harshani Deepika Wijesinghe, Mahauswewa

Donated an Electric Scooter to Harshani Deepika Wijesinghe, Mahauswewa

The DOT Foundation has donated an Electric Scooter for the disabled to Harshani Deepika Wijesinghe, a student of Nawagaththegama Rathnapala Vidyalaya, Mahauswewa.

Harshani is from a less privileged family in a village at Navagaththegama, Anuradhapura and her father is a carpenter. Her father was disabled due to an industrial accident. Harshani has inborn disabled legs and hands. She can never walk alone. Her father has to hold her to go to the school. She required a self-operated electric scooter to be independent. Her family was unable to afford it.

Based on a request from Help Hand Sri Lanka organisation, The DOT Charitable Foundation decided to help Harshani. The cost of the scooter is LKR 149,000.00 and supplied by The Solid Scooters, Negombo.

On 21st April 2018 Harshani and her family came all the way from Anurudhapura to Negombo, to collect the scooter. Harshani will come to the school in her new electric scooter in the next school term. It will help her to further advance her education, and fulfil her dream of university entrance.

On behalf of The DOT Charitable Foundation, Ruvini Saparamadhu handed over the scooter to Harshani today. We have to say big thank you to Ruvini since whole day she was in the shop and make sure it was adjusted and tested to Harshani’s requirements. Also thank you to Srimal Jayathilaka and Sumedha Malthota of Help Hand Sri Lanka for coordinating this donation.


Braille Writer for Sandagala School, Kurunegala

Braille Writer for Sandagala School, Kurunegala


With the generous support of DOT supporters a Braille Writer (Rs 140,000) was donated on June 2017 to the principal of Sandagala School Kurunegala, by one of our DOT Supporters Sirimewan Basnayaka.

Sandagala School (located near Kurunegala  is providing education to 110 students out of which 15 are blind, 75 are deaf and 20 are mentally handicapped.

The principal, Mr. Sumith has been in this school for more than 15 years. He has been a teacher, the deputy principal and now the principal of this same school. There are 19 teachers.

Currently this, school has only one working Braille machine. The principal says it would be wonderful to have 15 Braille machines to be used by each student.